Advertising your Franchise Opportunity with Print Advertising

No matter what industry you are in, advertising your franchise opportunity, and letting your audience know about your brand and what makes your opportunity stand out from the rest is a big deal. For most franchise owners branding and knowing available opportunities to market, your franchise opportunity seems to be one of the biggest challenges that franchise owners experience in today’s market. It can be tricky not only to pinpoint what sets you apart but also to let your audience know just that.

Recently one of our executives visited the International Franchise Expo in New York and found that a hurdle that many franchises faced was how to let the public know who they are and why they’re different than their competitors. Very rarely are they aware of the impact that advertising your franchise opportunity in national or even regional advertising in print advertising can have on their brand image because the majority of their time is spent investing their time in going to expos?

“I want franchisees to know that there is a great option for them to not only reach their future franchisees but to do so in a cost-effective and targeted way. The huge benefit for them is saving money on advertising and not wasting their time/money in regions where their franchise territories are filled.  The USA Today newspaper has a great program for franchises to target a state by state region where they need to expand their franchise.” (Doug Knowles Account Executive, specializes in franchises and business opportunities )

Print Advertising can be both very niche or very broad as well as inexpensive. This means it presents a great opportunity to reach almost any audience. Studies show that when viewing advertising in print it is a choice to view the advertisements versus viewing other types of media instead. Many of which can leave an audience feel overwhelmed or in the case of online advertising, can frequently go ignored by the audience altogether.   Paid subscriptions to the print editions of both magazines and newspaper publications continue to remain higher across the board whereas it is much less likely that any audience member will pay for the online editions.

Advertising in national publications is a great opportunity for advertising your franchise opportunity on a national or even regional scale. Publications like USA Today now even offer the ability to place an ad in a local daily paper that will run on a national level as well as Franchise sections in their marketplace and online. USA Today newspaper readers are predominantly male and between 25-54 with high incomes, which makes them an optimum audience to advertise business opportunities.

For Franchise owners looking for additional ways to advertise their franchise opportunity to potential franchises, online sites that offer them the ability to list their opportunity so that potential buys can search through based on interest or on how much investment is involved to start up.

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