Effective Dental Practice Advertising

Trying to help your dental practice stand out ? Here are some tips on effective dental practice advertising solutions to help you productively build a positive brand image and also reach not only targeted customers but also other professional in your field.

This first step to effectively advertising your practice begins with deciding  what makes your practice stand out and focus on that unique aspect of your business. Maybe your practice specializes in orthodontics or pediatric dentistry.   Determining what aspects of your business can be perceived as “added value “ are a great way to begin building your brand. Focusing on staying true to your brand image is important for a number of reasons. This helps the general public recognize what makes your business stand out and why they should choose you to serve their needs. Even things like having the latest state of the art equipment or a fun and inviting atmosphere are a great way to begin distinguishing your brand image from your competitors.

When it comes to younger people paying close attention to your online image is a  huge deal.  It is important to look at everything from your local Google listings as well as your website and overall online presence.  Focusing on each aspect one step at a time, to make sure you have approached your business the same way as if you were buying something from someone else, or considering any of the same decisions you are expecting your audience to make when looking at your practice online.

These days, even if your brick and mortar performance is stellar your online appearance can make or break you. That means making sure your Website, local listings, and overall online presence present a clear understanding of your brand image, display accurate information and by also making sure your logo and color scheme stay consistent are crucial if you want to be easy to recognize later on.   This helps give a sense that these listings and pages are “ lived in” and looked after.Also if you have not done so, it is important to address reviews and begin encouraging more  engagement.  Many younger generations are avid online researchers and encouraging existing clients is a great way to promote positive online interaction. This helps you really tie together the “ total package”

Other options to promote a positive buzz about your practice is to  have a press release or article written about  your practice and community endeavors. Participating in the community is a great way to build a relationship with your community and further promote a positive and distinct brand image that invites both new business as well as new recruits.   Dental practice advertising using existing niche resources can also help put you in front of your niche audience.  Advertising regularly in places like your local paper or a trusted professional publication like ADA News, JADA, career center.   As a leading source of information on dentistry and dental science, it directly reaches an audience of 141,826 practicing dentists, dental researchers and dental educators. Readership studies consistently rank JADA as the nation’s best-read dental journal  JADA is published monthly in print, online and via mobile Web application.

Effective dental practice advertising consists of equal parts consistency and individuality.  Advertising regularly, is a great way to spot light what makes your business unique and promote a positive brand image. This is a  a necessity when you are looking to recruit top quality talent, gain more clientele , or even in selling your practice down the line.


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