Effective Dental Recruitment Advertising

Effective Dental Recruitment Advertising

Effective dental recruitment advertising follows many of the same rules as advertising for new clientele. This means taking the same approach and looking at the brand image of your practice as an outsider to see how you put your best “Face” forward. If you are looking to attract the best and brightest professionals to your practice here are a few effective dental recruitment advertising methods that may help you along the way .

Effective Dental Recruitment Advertising  Tips

Approach your online presence the way you would an outsider .

Take the time to review your online listings making sure that all the correct information is listed and that it appears consistent with the rest of your brand image. This includes making sure that things that logos, colors and even pictures maintain a consistent feel throughout. If you have any reviews either positive or negative it is a good idea to do so.  Many people rely heavily on online reviews when making decisions.

Create added value by focusing on what you do best.

Build your brand identity around what makes your practice stand out. Perhaps you pride yourself on your inviting atmosphere, state of the art equipment, or high quality patient retention and management.  All of these are great ways to showcase the many positive aspects of your practice that may not be apparent at first glance.

Use Online and offline advertising to promote your brand.

Presenting an engaging and inviting workplace often showcases the relationship that your practice has with your community.Becoming an active participant in your community is a great way to create a strong  relationship  and  promote  a sense of connection as well as a distinct brand image. Press releases are a great way to keep your local community and fellow professionals in the industry knowledgable about all of the positive attributes of your brand. This will be an inviting “face”  that attracts new clients as well as makes your practice looks like a inviting place to work.

Place  advertising in existing niche resources

Publications like ADA News, JADA as well as your local paper are also great venues to attract new clientele and promote your brand image to attract potential hires.  Online resources  like the Ada Careercenter  also allow for dental professionals to place advertisements in a forum that attracts their professionally targeted audience.

Advertising  your dental practice often and consistently is a key component in  showcasing what makes your business unique. It also goes far in helping you to promote a positive brand image whether your goal is to recruit new highers and add value to your brand to increase your potential for a well earned pay day later on.



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