Print Appeals to Multiple Generations as a Trustworthy News Source

Print Appeals to Multiple Generations as a Trustworthy News Source

Print advertising is appealing to many generations and is typically seen as being more trustworthy news source than most other  types of content.   After the most recent election, people are even more concerned with the legitimacy of what they read online. While fake news is not  a new thing. mas information is being more problematic.

In online forums it is extremely common for people to share and re post inaccurate articles. With the abundance of native and content marketing that has emerged over the most recent years, “sponsored” posts filtered among the news are prevalent and is big business but are not considered to be a trustworthy news source by most people. This inevitably triggers people to begin to look for their news in other places besides the internet. While there are not many regulations about what can be posted online there are some instances where social media sites like Facebook are beginning to look into way to help people better identify fake news.

With print publications, most people realize there are much stricter rules of ethics associated with what is allowed into a well known printed publication. Professional Print Publications like  USA Today  as well as professional journalists have a specific code of ethics that articles must adhere to.

In printed publications,  ads  that can be run also have to follow  these stricter requirements to be admitted into the publication.   Overall Printed Newspapers and Magazines are considered to be very trustworthy  news sources by most people.

Hobbyists and professionals are avid readers that have their own publications.  Readers of Niche and professional publications are typically loyal readers that reserve a specific focused time of day some time after receiving their publication to sit down and flip through the pages. Studies show that information that is viewed in printed form is more likely to be retained and remembered correctly.

The benefit for printed advertising is that it too appears more credible because of it’s placement within the publication.  It is a great way to appeal to professional and high earning demographics especially that respect the notoriety and credibility of the name of a publication.   Niche publications that appeal to specific professions interests or trades are a great way to reach even those more hard to reach demographics.

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