Print Advertising great way to Increase Holiday Sales by reaching Niche or Targeted Demographics

You may think  that you focus on a niche audience that no one else does but most of the time there is a magazine that focuses on just that target audience already! You can easily piggy back the effort of  niche audience publications that  are already working in your favor to capture a niche target audience of Hobbyist age group or demographic and increase holiday sales.

Identifying a magazine that appropriately targets the interests of your niche is a great way to reach them without having to carve out everything from scratch. Find a point of interest that relates to what you have to offer and effectively embrace existing publications and platforms that appeal to your target audience. Or select a large national publication that cost effectively reaches a large amount of people.

Readers of magazines and newspapers  are typically loyal patrons that tend to spend time leisurely reading their publications each month. Because they do so at their own pace, and at a time when they are relaxed and “keyed in” to their publication they are often found to be more open to advertising that is promoted by a publication that they see as reputable to them.

Placing a visually appealing display ad helps improve brand recognition and drives people online to Increase Holiday Sales

Studies that reviewed the response rate for  TV ,Online, and print Advertising campaigns found that for both online and TV advertising  response began to decrease after the ad was shown only 4 times. However, the reverse was found to be true for print advertising where growth was seen after 5 exposures to the same ad. Additional studies found  that adding magazines and newspapers will regardless of the budget spend improve the ROI of a campaign. (

This can come in handy around the holidays when businesses are trying to increase holiday sales.  USA Today Shop for Gifts section is offering a Santa’s holiday special rate where ads can run for 3 weeks ( 5 day run ) and get the 4th week free.  Large Nationwide printed publications are appealing to advertisers in that they attract a group of educated adults that are active spenders and earn higher than average income when compared to the general public. USA Today readers alone  accounted for almost 2 billion in merchandise spending  in the first 3 QTRS of  2015 and boasted a readership with a Median High Income of $158,001 for their readers.

USA Today is prominently featured in Hotels, Airports, and even Starbucks all across the country.  This makes them an especially great opportunity to include in your holiday advertising budget, if you are trying to target last minute shoppers or travelers in route to their holiday destination.

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