How to advertise using QR codes

As audiences become increasingly more fatigued on digital media businesses are looking for ways to prompt their audience to their website and are looking for ways to create more digital interaction that reduces physical touchpoints. Because of this many businesses are progressively using QR codes in their ads or as a replacement for printed material. This post includes information on how to advertise using QR codes.

Savvy marketers understand how important it is for them to reach across all reader media preferences and get more involved with their target demographic. Advertisers can do this through strategic placement of their ads and by using a call to action that is intended to prompt a response from the reader, sending them directly to your online forum where they can continue to interact with your business or brand.

Russell Johns can help you create effective digital advertising opportunities in many online and offline formats at affordable price points for any size advertiser. Your audience can scan your QR code with a cell phone or other mobile device that links print media and online webpages to integrate your entire campaign.

A QR code can be included in Classified ads, Display ads, printed mailers, and flyers that are sent in the mail. This can be much more effective than other types of ads that do not include a direct response call to action or online forms of advertising that people are becoming much more burnt out on after over-exposure during 2020.

Print Advertising is the perfect medium for reaching a diverse group of educated readers across all generations. Traditional advertising like print distinguishes itself from many other advertising forms in that ads do not fade away immediately after the first exposure. For more information on how to advertise using QR codes please see this additional post

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