How to place radio Advertising

Place Radio Advertising

Placing radio Advertising is slightly different than placing other types of media. In many ways it is very similar to placing media online. This is because you must consider a variety of factors. This includes factoring in frequency, daypart and demographic. Every radio station targets a specific demographic and market segment. It is important to keep this in mind when you are trying to decide what radio stations you want to place radio commercials on. Most of the time you are able to determine what audience a station targets by the type of programming that it runs.

How do I know a stations programming?

When you want to place radio commercials it is important to think about who you want to reach. As well as the type of things they are interested in. It is important to take time to consider several different things. Such as the type of music being played, the on-air personality, and what time of day your advertising will run.

Does the station’s rating even matter?

If your goal is a national radio and to reach the most people possible then you may want to go with a station that has a high rating and a large active listening group. But if you are looking to reach a smaller more specific group of people it’s usually going to work in your favor to go with a station that has a lower rating but caters to a specific niche audience or demographic.

How do I know a radio station’s rating ?

Popular radio programs have higher ratings compared to their competitors, and through the years, the rating system has become the benchmark for radio stations to charge more or less for commercials to air on those stations.

What a radio station’s rating is, is determined by the total number of households that are listening to a particular station for that a specific period of time.

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