Going Green for a successful advertising campaign

Adage recently made fearlessness the key ingredient for being creative. However, we think this next year might mean there is a more organic ingredient out there. This key ingredient is ready to be used to add flavor to any businesses advertising campaign not only should businesses be passionate about what they do, but they also have the responsibility to let the world know who they truly are and what they are passionate about. Going Green is the new key ingredient for a successful advertising campaign and here is why, when the planet looses we all loose.

And while everyone should be doing this already, and most of us might feel like we probably, are anyone could make small changes to their daily life and behavior that could lead to big results. This means that Businesses and Big brands should be strategizing on what they are doing to promote climate change and how they are going Green. The Musical artist Pink recently posted a extraordinarily artistic video that sends all the right messaging about where the entire world and every business person should have their head at right now. Climate change.

Jay's Green Team

Jay’s Green Team i
s a grassroots, community initiative led by Jay Magner in an effort to create greater awareness about the environmental issues facing Tampa Bay.
(Jay’s Green Team cleans trash from around the Davis Island bridge and a mangrove area near the Peter O Knight Airport in the Seaplane Basin of Davis Island. We alternate each week between the 2 areas. We meet at 1pm and clean for approximately an hour and then meet at D. I. Coffee Bar for a refreshment and social interaction. The pictures shown are from our clean up)
Going Green is the new key ingredient for a successful advertising campaign

It’s not overly dramatic to say that the world could indeed end. Science has proven that climate change is real and that companies all over the globe should be going green already. Incorporating How they are doing so into their advertising and messaging is a great way to let the world know what strategies and behaviors that they can incorporate on their own to make this world a better place.

When companies re imagine their waste habits and begin to strategize their messaging around the behaviors that they commit to that promote a better environment they are automatically going organic and saving money AND they are promoting climate change which is something we can all agree on. While it is Easy to hate people it would be really bad if we didn’t protect mother earth.

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