Key Benefits of Print Advertising for Targeting a Niche Audience

The competition in the advertising world is huge. There are so many choices between how, when, and where to advertise. Here are some of the key benefits of print advertising for targeting niche audiences.  In many cases, it is much more effective to focus on a niche audience versus a broad general audience. This is because it helps your reach a more defined audience. The more defined your audience the less likely you will be to waste advertising dollars on people that do not fit your target audience.

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Key benefits of Print advertising for targeting niche audiences.

A niche audience is a group of people that is specifically defined. It is also characterized by similarities that they share in common with others in the group. This might mean you are looking to target a specific city or region. It could also mean targeting an income level, profession or even a specific age group of individuals with your advertising campaign.  You might not expect the benefits of print advertising to outweigh so many other types of media right now.  In fact, print advertising is showing to be more effective in several key areas over any other type of advertising on the market right now. Reaching high income audiences is plus especially for small niche businesses looking to reach High Income demographics such as personal training studios or auto detailers.

1. Reputability and Trustworthiness  

Advertising your product or service in a reputable publication gives you the added boost of credibility. These days anyone can set up a website with checkout and they are in business. One of the benefits of print advertising is that it’s trustworthy.

2. Targeting

 Print offers advertisers the ability to get in front of their target audience. Readers of print are a diverse group of affluent, high-income consumers.  Print advertising is a cost-effective way to reach targeted active consumers through credible niche publications. Reaching high income audiences is plus especially for small niche businesses looking to reach High Income demographics such as personal training studios or auto detailers.

3. Brand Recognition 

Remind your best customers that you are still around, or better yet about a new product or service.“The ads we run in the USA Today “Golf Today” feature have resulted in an excellent return on investment. It has been a great way for us to increase our national exposure, helping us promote our line of innovative hybrid golf clubs.” Mark McNaughton, President, Wedgewood Golf Inc. Wedgewood Golf is the leader in hybrid golf clubs. Our clubs are specifically designed for golfers that have trouble hitting traditional irons consistently.” 

4. A greater instance of purchasing behavior

found with print advertising a “meta-analysis” conducted by Millward Brown,“  Determined that print advertising led to the greatest increases in the metrics closest to purchasing behavior: brand favorability and purchase intent. Print ad exposures generated lifts that were 7% points higher than those for Online and 3% points higher than those for TV.”

5. Improved ROI 

 It was also determined that combinations of advertising that included print were the most successful “ In most cases, a Print + Online + TV combination had more-powerful effects than lesser combinations. Among the two-medium combinations, the Print + TV combination was especially effective across the six outcome metrics. For some outcome metrics, this combination produced response that was twice as large as those for the TV + Online combination. Campaigns combining Print + Online also achieved significant lifts in ad effectiveness, beyond what a single platform would achieve.”

6. High Income and education 

Neilson reports that “82% of adults with household incomes of $100,000 or more read a printed newspaper and 84% of adults who are college graduates or more read a printed newspaper.”

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