Key Ways to Create Effective Multi Media Advertising Campaigns that Increase Sales and Reduce Cost

Each January the pressure is on the start the year off with a bang. Experienced business owners know that over spending in the first quarter can be detrimental to sales during slow seasons or the end of the year when campaigns need more funds to secure the best times or to add more strategic commercials to boost revenue. Creating effective multi media advertising campaigns doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Here are some key ways for Small business Owners to improve your campaign success.

For business owners that are looking to increase sales this quarter one of the biggest key ways to create an effective multi media campaign is to include a variety of types of advertising across multiple forms of media. For business owners who think their budget is too small or who are looking to target a niche audience they might think this concept would be impossible for them. Cost effective niche advertising campaigns can be created by utilizing several different combinations of advertising components with some of the most successful ones being TV, Online, and Print or Radio, Online, and Print. One of the reasons campaigns that utilize a variety of forms of media are so successful is because they are able to catch people where ever they are with out giving the feeling like they are being too intrusive or feeling like they are being followed.

Even though retargeting ads have been around for quite some time, more recently, advertising has gotten even more aggressive with the presence of extremely targeted Facebook advertising. This includes sponsored posts as well as dynamic ads.  While these types of ads can be very effective they are not for all consumers. Facebook does allows users the option to shut off these types of ads. For these types of consumers that just don’t ” do ” aggressive marketing a campaign that cornerstones with some more traditional forms of advertising can be very effective as ell.  Utilizing lower cost forms of media like print can be a great way to advertise inexpensively during sales lulls or to beef a campaign up leading up to an event.

Place ads consistently throughout the length of your campaign.  People like consistency.  Creating a sense of familiarity with your audience is an important part of gaining their trust and eventually their business.  Studies have traditionally shown that it typically takes a person seeing an ad 7 times before they will respond or act on it. However, with advertising become much more competitive these figures have risen to about 13+ times of touching the person before a company can expect them to become a true leader. One way a company can do this is by making sure to run in the same time slots or publications consistently over a number of weeks.

If this sounds like you will have to spend a fortune on advertising, I agree it does sound financially exhaustive. Even still there are a number of ways to create a healthy campaign and a lot of advertising engagement without overspending.

Your rep might encourage you to place all your media upfront to secure the best cost.  It can be true that buying in bulk will help get you a better price by locking in a rate, however often there are remnant ads that become available or certain days of the week that just don’t produce the same amount of calls as the other days. but a key way to make sure that you get the response you need it to  Hold back some of your budgets. By holding back a reserve will allow you to run more ads those days after you’ve gained a better understanding of your campaign. Make sure branding it consistent across all platforms, this includes color schemes and in some cases similar photos.  Powerful combinations are TV Print and Online or Online and Print as they are able to maximize their cover across multiple demographics. to read more on why these types of advertising combination are so powerful check out this additional post .

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