Display Ad Specifications

If we’re creating your ad, please provide the following:
  • Your logo: Preferred file type is an EPS file created in Adobe Illustrator with fonts converted to outlines. Other acceptable file types are high-resolution (300 dpi) PDF, TIF or JPG. (typically 500kb or larger)* All colors must be converted to CMYK (Cyan/Magenta/Yellow/Black). No spot colors please. When the logo conversion from RGB to CMYK takes place, color shifts can occur.
  • Photos or other images you wish to include in your ad: High-resolution (300dpi) PDF, TIF or JPG.* If you don’t have photos or images, provide your thoughts on the type of images you wish to use.
  • Content: Ad copy, special offer, call-to-action, contact info: address, phone, web, social media, QR code
  • Additional design instructions/input: Colors to use or avoid. Overall style (traditional vs. modern, etc.) Feel free to reference other ads in the publications where the style or ideas appeal to you. You may also send other ads you like as visual reference.

*NOTE: An image copied from your website is low resolution and will not print clearly. Please do not send web images (RGB images).

If you are supplying a ‘camera ready’ finished ad:
  • Preferred file type is a high-resolution PDF file. Other acceptable file types are high-resolution (300 dpi) TIF or JPG.
  • Native Files (Photoshop/Illustrator/InDesign: Preferred file type is a Adobe InDesign CC 2019 or earlier CC files. Other acceptable files are Photoshop and Illustrator.
  • All colors must be CMYK or grayscale. No RGB, spot (Pantone), Lab or Index color.
  • Files should be created in the appropriate size as indicated below. Fees will be incurred for files that we have to modify or recreate.

NOTE: Reproduction quality is at the advertiser’s risk if requirements are not met. The color of the on-screen proof and the printed materials will not be exact – there will be variation.

Submitting files:

If sending a file type other than a Tiff or PDF, please email a PDF for proofing purposes or fax a copy of the ad to: 727-445-9380 (clearly stating which publication you are working with).

If you have questions or encounter problems that can’t be answered by this site, please call us at 1-800-237-9851 and ask for one of our customer service representatives.