Effective Online Job Postings

Finding the right match for your open job opportunity isn’t always easy. Follow these simple Dos and Don’ts to help make sure you are funneling the right candidates to your job listing.

Things to DO

DO Brag

Always include a description of your company’s history, environment and culture.

Why? Knowing the work environment, benefits of a company and its values can greatly influence a job seeker when they are considering different employers. If the job board doesn’t have a company description field, write a brief overview and include it in the job description field.

DO Detail

Include as many details in the job description as possible.

Why? This will help a job seeker determine whether or not your opportunity is a good match for their personal goals and skills. You will receive better targeted, qualified candidate resumes.

DO List

Make your job description easy to read. Use bullet point lists whenever possible.

Why? You don’t want to read a ten page resume the same way a job seeker doesn’t want to read a novel of a job description.

DO Track

Use the employer tools available to you to track and keep an eye on your listing.

Why? Statistics of job listing views and resume responses can help you gauge the effectiveness of the way your job posting is written.

DO Categorize

Use multiple keywords, and select as many relevant categories as the job board will allow, to make sure your listing is not overlooked.

Why? Perhaps your job title is Family Physician; a potential candidate could search for hundreds of keywords – family doctor, primary care physician, internal medicine MD, etc. – and still be the right candidate for your job. Make sure you use as many of these keywords as you can in the job description and list your job under all relevant categories on the career center.

DO Review

Once you’ve submitted your job listing, take a look at the final product that was sent to the job board. Make sure everything looks as you intended.

Why? Sometimes internet forms can change the way your listing appears. You’ll want to make sure that the listing is accurate before a potential applicant views it.

DO Talk Money

Include a salary range whenever possible.

Why? If you remove this critical piece of information, your responses will be unfiltered and you may receive interest from candidates who are not a good match for your opportunity.

DO Search

When available, be sure you take advantage of a job board’s resume database.

Why? You may find just who you’re looking for.

DO Prefer Or Require

List specific job skills and be sure to specify if they are “preferred” or “required”.

Why? Some skills may be learned on the job. You don’t want the right candidate to not submit a resume because they did not have a skill that was preferred but not required.

DO Prefer Or Require

Specify your preferred method of contact and what is required to apply. If you require a cover letter and salary requirements from each candidate, it should be specified in your job posting.

Why? Everyone’s preferred method of contact is different. Specify “apply online”, “apply by e-mail” etc. to make sure you are reached as quickly as possible by interested candidates.

Things NOT to Do

DON’T Misdirect

If your corporate address is different from where the actual job will be, make sure you list the address where the job is located to minimize confusion.

Why? Listing the location of the job can help potential candidates envision themselves accepting your job opportunity and how it will affect their work and personal life.

DON’T Pigeonhole

Make sure you select all relevant categories for your job listing.

Why? This will help you broaden your pool of candidates. Make sure the categories you select make sense, otherwise you are potentially targeting the wrong audience.

DON’T Make Typos

Don’t skip proofreading your job description.

Why? A job seeker will notice misspellings and grammatical errors. For the sake of professionalism, be sure to double check your work and use the spell check feature whenever possible.

DON’T Only List Once

Use banner advertising to enhance your job posting visibility.

Why? The more channels you use to display your job opportunity, the more likely it is to be noticed and acted on. Banners are also a great way to promote your company and build your own resume database for future job openings.

DON’T Be Vague

Be specific in the job title and headline to make the application review process easier.

Why? If you are posting multiple job opportunities, you will want to be able to quickly and easily distinguish which job an applicant is applying for when you receive their resume.

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