Effective Print Display Recruitment Advertising

place recruitment advertisingHow to Create Effective Print Display Recruitment Advertising

Create effective print display recruitment advertising and fill your open jobs quickly and easily with recruitment advertising. Remember that it’s not about reaching every person, it’s about reaching the RIGHT person. Below are some tips and tricks to make sure your ad stands out and reaches your target audience:

How much should I spend?

When considering your recruitment budget for a position, be sure to ask yourself “How much is it costing my company every day this position goes unfilled?” The more important the position is to your core business, the higher your recruitment budget should be.

Maximize your reach to potential candidates

Targeted niche publications are a great way to reach a number of qualified candidates. Don’t forget to ask if the publication also offers an online job board for its readers. Integrating your ad campaign in print and online exposes your recruitment message to multiple channels. The more opportunities someone has of seeing your listing, the more likely they are to reach out to you.

Make sure your headline doesn’t fall short

Is your biggest selling point your company’s name? If not, then maybe you may want to highlight your location in a headline. Or drive readers’ attention to read further with something intriguing “Top 5 ways you can excel your career with us”. Even highlighting the job opening title will help your ad catch the eye of the right candidates.

best job ad examples sample job posting ads online recruitment advertisingDon’t skimp on the job description

Be careful not to gloss over the job description. The way you describe your job opportunity should create interest and encourage readers to take action and learn more or contact you. The reader should be able to say “That sounds like it could be the perfect job for me!” Highlight your company by pointing out awards, achievements or what differentiates your company from the competition.

What are your requirements?

Don’t remove your job requirements for the sake of creating more space. If you don’t spell out your requirements, you can be sure that the resumes you receive will be scattered and only a percentage will be qualified for the position. This will result in you having to spend more time sifting through mountains of resumes to find the right candidates.

What’s in it for me?

What are the tangible benefits of the job? What about the benefits of the company? Don’t forget to mention if you are minutes away from beautiful Lake Tahoe. Does the company encourage a learning environment and growth potential? Say it! Applying for a job is a big decision, so make sure you paint a positive and accurate picture of what you have to offer that will help job seekers reach their personal and professional goals.

Applying should be effortless

Create a direct path to your application process for job seekers. Whether it’s a web address to your job listing, a QR Code to your online job board listing or an email address to send resumes to – make sure it takes as few steps as possible for interested candidates to reach you.

The Bottom Line

Include a salary range whenever possible. Keep in mind that if you remove this critical piece of information, your responses will be unfiltered and you will see resumes and CVs from candidates who are either not qualified or not right for the position you are offering.

Standing out

Consider using graphics and colors whenever possible to make sure your recruitment ad stands out.

Where should I Place my Recruitment Advertising Campaign to reach High-Quality applicants?

Nationwide recruitment advertising in Publications like USA Today and Washington Post offer employers online and offline options are effective ways to reach educated, career-minded people. For industry-specific opportunities, Employers can post recruitment ads on career centers that represented directly by the industry to find people with the exact qualifications they are looking for and equally beneficial experience for job seekers as well.

Nursing or medical fields have a few Job Boards that cater specifically to this growing industry. Employers are able to target both Canada ( NursingCareersCanada and RNCareers ) or the United States Family Medicine.   JADA the official publication of The American Dental Association ( ADA) offers a reputable place for employers in the dental industry to place recruitment advertising for the many professions within the dental industry. ADA offers jobs opportunities both in print as well as online through their official careercenter.

For employers trying to reach other industries, there are quite a few others. Marketing-Jobs.ca allows employers and marketers a reputable place to post their open marketing positions. CMA represents marketing disciplines, channels, and technologies throughout all of Canada.   The Insurance Institute of Canada promotes careers in insurance on behalf of the industry with a specialized job board, IICCareerConnections is a job board that specifically targets Job seekers in the Insurance industry. RealCareers. JobConnect an engineering job board specializes in helping employers fill positions specifically for jobs in the engineering industry.  These highly skilled professionals and employers can benefit from utilizing this targeted job board to find the perfect fit for the position they are looking to fill.

Creating an effective recruitment advertisement will be a breeze with these helpful tips but is you still need help crafting your message or laying out your display ad we’d be happy to help! Our advertising specialists are experts in recruitment messaging. Contact us and we can help you fill your open positions today!

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