Think Magazine Advertising Won’t Work ? Think Again!

I’m sure you’d never guess it, but magazine readerships are currently quite high. We might not hear a whole lot about magazine advertising right now especially when most of the conversation is about content marketing and digital, but it is still a great option for any advertisers that are looking to reach a targeted or niche audience in today’s competitive market.

According to the Association of Magazine Media, 91% of people read magazines on a regular basis. Studies also show that the top 25 magazines reach more adults and teens than prime time television, and 96%  of adults under 25 are magazine readers.  Magazine readers are also very diverse and include most ethnicities and age groups and continue to read magazines on a very regular basis. Their advertising remains a very positive predictor of future interactions with print even for younger generations.

There are currently about 12,000 magazines out there right now which cover pretty much any and every interest that there is today. Magazine experts say that the number of magazine readers is actually going up.   While you might assume that the majority of people have switched over to digital, this isn’t really the case. Surprisingly enough digital readership for magazines only makes up about 5-8% of the existing magazine market.

In 2014, a survey indicated that on average people subscribed to at least 2 magazines, and spent on average of at least 30 min reading those digital magazines. The more surprising finding is that people are still interacting with, and paying attention to magazines.

The benefits of Magazine Advertising

3 reasons why you should run your ad in magazines  

Action 61% of magazine readers have said that they respond to magazine advertising that they saw while reading a print publication.

Influence “ Magazine readers are more likely than users of other media to influence friends and family on product purchases”

Trust “Consumers trust and believe magazines — and embrace advertising as a part of the brand experience. In fact, studies show that ads in magazines rank higher in trust than ads on TV, radio, or online.”

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