Tips for Creating Recruitment Advertisements that Attract your Ideal Candidate

Believe it or not, recruitment advertisements, or any advertising to fill a position in your company is very similar to how you would go about creating any other type of ad for anything else.  This means many of the same rules apply.

Kim Ridgeway, a Senior Media Sales Associate who has been working with professional recruitment advertisers for more than 5 years and has worked with titles such as USA Today, ADA, JADA Family Medicine, and STFM  says that her best advice is simple.   “Don’t overindulge the information. Give a short description of the job and requirements and some basic information about work/life balance such as the most popular reason people move to the location.  Just keep it simple.” Secondly, she says, “ It is also important to share something that makes their company more unique than others.”

When you are creating a recruitment advertisement you should consider including information on the salary and additional key benefits that may be included in the position.

There are several other simple rules to keep in mind when placing professional recruitment advertisements such as attractive subject lines, short sentences, and a clear call to action.  This lets your prospective audience know when and how they need to respond to the job.

Placement in some cases you can request for your ad to be placed in specific location within the publication so that it is easily seen. Requesting to have your ad placed in the upper right hand corner area when running an ad in the newspaper. A reader’s eyes naturally go from the top down and view the bottom left side of the paper last.

Tracking the response of your ad is also just as crucial when placing recruitment ads as it would be when placing branding or sales ads on any other type of media Ads indeed suggests using the following formula to keep track of your recruitment ad spending

Cost per applicant (CPA) Total media outside cost / number of applicants Example: $5,000 / 750 applicants = $6.67 CPA Cost per hire (CPH) Total media outside cost / number of hires Example: $5,000 / 6 hires = $833 CPH

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