What are the benefits of Press Releases for your business?

What are the benefits of a Press Release?

The benefit of a press release from the perspective of a business is that they are an affordable and fast way to inform an audience about an event, product releases, or philanthropy that your business performs

What is a Press Release?

A Press Release is an article written with the intention of being picked up by media outlets. Often press releases are sent to a publication with the intent to inform the audience press leases are intended to answer the who, what, when, where, and why of something that might be considered of interest to the public and therefore newsworthy.

What is considered Newsworthy?

We might first think newsworthy as being something that happens within our community, understanding that your community may be interested in your business’s philanthropy, latest product launch, or the next event are all newsworthy things to happen. Newsworthiness is typically defined by how well it fits into one of the below groups by meeting one of those values.

What are the values of Newsworthiness?

Is it a Current event?

Any piece of information that is timeless immediate, and considered to be newsworthy. letting local residents know about your latest product, sale, or participation in an event is a great benefit of press releases distribution.

Is it local?

Anything that affects the people in the area is newsworthy. Writing and releasing a press release is the perfect cost effective way to keep your most loyal customers informed.

Is it controversial?

News articles that highlight disagreements or community differences attract attention and because of this, they make great news articles. Press Releases are a benefit for your business because they let you control the way the information is presented

Is it a human interest story?

People like to hear heartwarming and even strange stories. If your business contributes to the community, it is a great opportunity for a press release.

Is it relevant?

Newspapers are always looking for new and interesting information to share with their readers and keep their paper fresh and exciting. Furthermore, people are interested in information that benefits them. Maybe your company has an exciting new project that is sure to make their life easier or helps keep them informed.

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