How to plan your Advertising campaign when everything is uncertain.

No one knows what the future holds and when that is the only certainty how do you plan your advertising campaign? How to Plan your advertising campaign even when the economy presents challenges and uncertainty.

Don’t be “that Guy ”

It’s impossible to predict with any type of certainty what the future is going to being. Creating campaigns with a lot of tact is critical. With many people out of work and looking for employment opportunities most people are holding onto their cash tighter than ever. Considering the mindset of the audience is more important than ever before

Focus on Customer service and building a strong foundation when you plan your advertising campaign

Business is going back to basics, and those that that have a strong foundation of solid relationships have outperformed those businesses that relied on online sales to fill their pipeline. As business owners and brands have all had to deal with the realization that the world is continuing to spin despite the circumstances, hearing from a business acquaintance can be quite comforting and a welcomed part of the day. Plan your advertising campaign around strengthening existing relationships and showing empathy and consideration for the situation that we all are facing. Society has been particularly divided.Brands can participate in creating a united front and focusing on the similar difficult circumstances that we are facing globally instead of differences.

Consistency sells

Repetition is the fastest way to cement yourself as the go-to brand of your industry. The more often a person sees a brand’s image the more likely they are to remember it in the future and think of it fondly. In times of uncertainty, this is even More true seeing our favorite brands continue to place advertising become like a reliability beacon. Branding campaigns may actually perform better than direct response. Cognitive behavior experts say that it can be more effective to simply be present and present alternative reasonable options instead of presenting expectations and hurdles that they have to jump over of placing ads that showcase the latest model.

Focus on Value when planning your advertising campaign

The last decade has been about brands constantly reinventing themselves and producing newer more sophisticated versions of the same products to drive a consumer-driven culture.

Younger generations that have grown up in a decade that started in a depression and ended in a pandemic have many of the same values that their grandparents had and tend to prefer minimalism over their boomer parents consumerism driven culture.

When this is the case it is important that you plan your advertising campaign rhetoric around highlighting your brand’s appreciation for your audience’s core values and establishing a sense of reliability instead of identifying your product as a hot big-ticket item.

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