How Print advertising can help you Increase Sales and Reduce the cost of your campaign during the pandemic.

Print advertising can help you increase sales and reduce the cost of your campaign during the pandemic because it has proved to have advantages over digital advertising and even radio and TV in some ways.

Print advertising is the most cost-effective form of advertising for Small businesses.

Low-cost forms of media like print advertising have proved to be more cost-effective and better options for small business owners to continue their ad presence during the pandemic but not increase their spending.

Even more expensive options like full-page ads in national publications like USA Today are now more affordable and can be effectively worked into advertising campaigns of almost any size budget.

Run of book ad and remnant campaign can also be a cheaper way to advertise for businesses who are looking for an inexpensive way to stay present and advertise during sales lulls. Print advertising is also a great low-cost form of advertising that can help you increase exposure in state, region, or even nationwide, leading up to an event.

Print advertising is the best way to present empathetic messaging to consumers

While it may seem obvious, consumers are not looking to be shelling out money they dont have, and many people are out of work entirely. Including empathy as part of your message is a must. Consumers are now more interested than every in what kind of politics the brands they use have.

Print advertising can help small businesses to increase sales and reduce the cost of your campaign because it has proved to have more advantages when it comes to creating compassionate advertisements at cost-effective rates in comparison to higher-cost forms of advertising like video. 

“Long-form full-page print ads may be the path of least resistance when it comes to an understanding of what brands are actually doing, how brands are activating their promised commitments. Perhaps seeing the commitments in writing is stronger than seeing a commitment in 10 seconds on Quibi or by tapping an app. Carefully worded and crafted full-page print ads may be a media turning point that will last.”

Print advertising (surprisingly) holds the distinction of being able to produce higher purchasing behavior in individuals than other types of media. In a study and brand recognition response to be 7 points higher than online.  While a person may not be looking for anyone’s deal specifically, local newspaper readers are looking to find valuable coupons and bargains. This means they are already in the right mode to notice any compelling ad. Because the audience is in complete control of when and how long they view an ad in print, studies have found that people are actually more likely to view print ads longer.  It has also been found that print readers are also more likely to remember content better better than that they might see on a digital device.

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