How to Plan your advertising Campaign Calendar Throughout the year

Business owners have it tough. They have already been pulled in so many different directions, that getting new clients and planning to advertise is just another of the many things that fall into that bucket. Here is some simple information that business owners can keep in mind when trying to plan their advertising campaign each month.

Social Media and online advertising options have become overly abundant and affordable Advertisers have more ways than ever before of marketing to an audience. Where do you even start?

While Every industry has peaks and lulls throughout the course of the year, Every month does have some consistencies that help advertisers plan accordingly. Consider these factors as well as strategic placement of media around a brick and mortar stores and help to drive more traffic both in-store and online. 

Studies show that businesses that use a multimedia approach to their advertising and include both Print, Radio, and Digital as part of their long term advertising approach. Including Radio and Print advertising can be a great way to bolster credibility for a primarily online campaign. 

Direct response print advertising can be extremely effective cornerstone media when you plan your advertising campaign for any time of year. It is an eye-catching low cost way of attracting your audience at an opportune time when they are tuned in and looking for new products and services, while the radio is a great way to reach the audience while they are in their car or even in their homes. 

Local Store Marketing Campaigns typically perform best when they include multiple types of media that can work together to target a specific niche audience through both traditional and modern media. 

How to plan your advertising Calendar by Month

Planning your advertising Campaign in the Winter; Events, Holidays, and items people frequently buy during this time of year.


The beginning of the new year is a time of new beginning and change. Businesses launch new goals, and people work to achieve their next best self. 

Businesses can piggyback this momentum by offering products geared that advertise products for self-improvement. 

Businesses will do well to run advertising campaigns on multiple types of media to reach their audience, both offline and on.  

Popular products and industries 

New years resolutions 

losing weight, being productive, eating healthy getting healthy college football championship 

NFL football

Thank your customer week 

National hobby month 


Most people think of February as the month of Love and romance But let’s not forget that February is also Black History Month and American Heart Month.  This means that many shoppers are trying to spend money at black-owned stores as well as on causes.

American Heart month 

Valentines Day Chocolate, Flowers , cologne watches and jewelry are popular types of gifts .

Feb 2nd Super Bowl New NASCAR season New TVs

Licensed Sport wears

presidents day Feb 17 

Black Heritage month 

How to plan your advertising calendar by month in the Spring; Events, Holidays, and items people frequently buy during this time of year.


As the weather begins to warm, people naturally begin to think of spring and all the things they want to do in the sun. Spring Break is usually in March as well as Easter. Sports is also another area that is a hot topic of conversation. Even if your business does not have anything to do with the sporting industry, campaigns could incorporate that theme in their advertising to present themselves as having a fun athletic vibe. 

March Madness

NCAA basketball

MLB opening day

St pats day


Spring break

Travel agent services

Home and garden improvements

Latest fashion trends. 


As the weather continues to warm up and spring breaks have sprung by now in most places travel and outdoor activities are often advertising drives this month.

Events , Holidays and popular themes

Humor and laughter

Tax day

Earth day



Wedding planning

Tax services

Summer vacation planning 


Party planning increases in the month of May as more people are planning Graduation parties, memorial day parties, and gearing up for their summer plans are common themes for campaigns this month. Consumers usually expect deeply discounted sales on Furniture this month as well as it’s they might want for summer.

Cinco de mayo Kentucky derby mothers day memorial day prom greeting card sales bbq sales 

How to plan your advertising in the Summer; Events, Holidays, and items people frequently buy during this time of year.


Summer is here and it is the time when generally think of as being for the Dads and grads. You can plan your advertising campaign most effectively by featuring people outdoors enjoying the weather and water activities. People are also ready to take Vacations and enjoy everything the outdoors has to offer.

Events , Holidays and items people frequently buy in the summer months

Home improvement tools and yard owers and weed clippers as well as chainsaws and more are often purchased during this month

gym membership sales increase as well as outdoor sports equipment and camping camper sales.

NBA finals

NHL finals

Travel increases as people take more vacations.


The trend of enjoying the great outdoors continues in July 

One effective way to plan your advertising campaign in the month of July is focused on the theme of improvement and increasing longevity. This time of year audiences are typically primed to be thinking about home improvements and being physically active and outdoors Sports like Baseball are often great conversation starters and provide awesome focal points or amusing antidotes when planning an ad

4th of July


Dining out and family activities BBQs beer

MLB all-star game and British open golf 


 Back to school end of summer NFL preseason and the summer Olympics leading to increased sports watching means these are popular topics during the final months of summer. As well as the last surge of travel plans and increases shopping for kids heading back to school.

In the southern states like Florida, Georgia, and Lousiana, many plan for hurricane season by buying generators and stocking up on things like toilet paper in these months heading into far ;P

How to plan your advertising calendar by month in the Fall Events, Holidays, and items people frequently buy during this time of year.


Events , Holidays and items people frequently buy in September

Lots of Sales continue for the first part of fall. Football attire increases as fans prepare to support their favorite football team

 Labor day

NFL season begins

New season of TV

Sports wear

Travel Sales

Planning for the holidays increases.


Halloween new cars book month MLB world series tv watching increases candy and party supplies. Winter tools shovels generators, outdoor heaters Firepits 


Christmas decorations begin to emerge everywhere as things shift from spooky to of good cheer

Events , Holidays and items people frequently buy in November

Thanksgiving Black Friday, Cyber Monday elections travel, and lodging increase brick and mortar stores see increased sales.


Events , Holidays and items people frequently buy in December

Gift ideas entertainment spending increases travel and web browsing end of year automotive shopping wireless contract

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