Newspaper and Magazine Advertising is still an effective way for businesses to Advertise.

Studies show that while online advertising may be very readily available and inexpensive it is hindered by one thing.  A persons ability to recall is actually better for ads that are viewed on printed materials.  Like newspaper advertising or magazines versus digital screens. Because of this Newspaper and Magazine Advertising is still an effective way for businesses to advertise.

While print advertising may not seem like it can hold up in today’s age. It is important to note how memories are actually formed. Print advertising is better able to harness the power of emotion than digital advertising. Our emotions, or how we feel when we see an ad is the main component in our brains that gets a memory to “stick.”

Several studies conducted in recent years have shown that when a person is able to physically touch an ad they are more likely to be able to recall the information in the future.  The reason behind this phenomenon is the tactile elements. These tactile elements effectively hit on the key component that aids in creating memories and ability to recall later on.

Print Creates A Multi-Sensory Experience

By adding tactile elements to your ads. You can effectively draw the focus in and compel the reader to look and touch. Which is a key way to increase the response rate. Studies show that because the ability to physically touch an ad increases the likelihood that a person may purchase as well as an increase in confidence, satisfaction, and reliability.  Among the key findings were that being able to touch a print ad is able to increase the audience’s belief that a brand is honest by  41%. They also found a increase in purchase intent by 24%.   It is important to ad these elements to your ad. Creative components that convey different textures, shapes, and colors. By doing so you are able to create a more visually compelling ad. The more visually compelling the better they   resonate with the viewer.

How To Add Tactile Elements To Your Print Ads

In order to create an ad that has staying power, you will want to work with your creative team to incorporate a variety of elements to their artwork.  Attributes that ad texture, weight shape, and interesting colors are all great ways to create an ad that is visually enticing. Adding tactile components can be extremely complex or very simple.

Incorporating print advertising that contains tactile elements is a great way to draw people in. These ads give them an image that they will be able to recall. This image then connects them with your brand later on.  The more of the human senses that are used, the higher the likelihood that is will be able to be recalled later. Include creative elements. Creative elements like embossing or adding different finishes can be added during the printing process. These creative elements can be utilized to really ad flare and dimension to a display ad.

Print appeals to multiple generations as a trustworthy news source.  

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