What Types of Advertising do people trust the most?

You might be wondering if there is any type of advertising that people trust. Traditional media is typically seen as much more reliable and trustworthy than other types of advertising such as online types like social media, pay per click, and even native content. In general, the audience are becoming much more aware and understand that ads are presented to the audience to persuade people into purchasing or influencing their decisions in some way.

When looking for information on what types of advertising people trust the most for most people, traditional forms of media such as Television, Radio and especially forms of Print advertising like Newspapers and magazine offer an uncluttered way for ads to be seen by the intended audience and capture their attention in an authentic and persuasive way.

Print advertising is appealing to many generations and is typically seen as being a more trustworthy news source than many other sources of news.   After the most recent election, people are even more concerned with the legitimacy of what they read online. and businesses are more frequently considering questions about what types of Advertising do people trust.

Studies also show that print ads display more of the information that consumers need in order to react and buy.  Additionally, campaigns that include print have been found to have a more positive impact on purchasing behavior than those that do not. By creating campaigns that include a variety of media including print, your marketing efforts are more likely to attract this generation of high earners. Including advertising that people are more likely to trust is an important part of having a successful advertising campaign.

How does print advertising help brands seem more trustworthy?

Despite common beliefs, studies show that most people prefer reading in print over digital and interestingly enough people also still show a preference for shopping in Brick and Mortar retail stores where they benefit from touching,  feeling, and trying on the product before they buy.  As more types of advertising enter the market place and the industry becomes more diverse and ultimately more competitive we are still seeing a preference for people to rely on the more traditional forms of advertising. Or at the very least we see many returning to traditional advertising after brief rendezvous with various forms of online and mobile media.



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