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Client Testimonials

  • I am the a person who trying to get my business off the ground, It was hard at first until i post and ads in the USA TODAY paper on June 15th 2019 and as of July 9th 2019 my business have grown 22% from a month ago I wanted to say thank to all of the staff at the USA TODAY for giving me and opportunity to grow my business. I will always advertise with the USA TODAY

    Timothy Jacksonowner
  • Doug is very trustworthy and a good networker!

    Hand Crafted Garden Bridges Arizona
  • Print advertising on a national or regional level also is a great way to spend Co-op dollars as it allows for a broad reach but low budget spend.  Unlike For Regional and local opportunities, surprising to most people, is that in some cases recognized publications do offer advertising opportunities for franchises that are not registered nationwide. “USA Today allows us to place regionally and nationally targeted franchise development campaigns to specific statewide regions  including the Carolina’s, Ohio, Georgia, and Tennessee.”

    Blaine YoungDirector of Franchise Development NaturaLawn
  •  Josh,The ad that you and your team helped me put together was far better than I could have imagined.  All of you have gone far and above what I expected, and I’m thrilled with the results.  Sometimes with a lot of words, it’s hard to know how to place them so that they’re readable and the message stands out, and the extra touch of color really did the trick as well – the help you’ve provided with this ad has more than met my wildest dream. I also appreciate the fact that you gave me a chance to change my mind about the first ad your team designed, and you were patient and realized what I was requesting – this is truly a gift.  I believe the end product gets the word across to the reader, catches the eye, and is professionally designed to help sell this book.Please thank your team members for me as well.

    Janet C PipesAssociate Broker Tierra Antigua Realty
  • Thank you so much Tony for your commitment in having my promotional ad of my novel COME TO ME BY JDAN on the USA Today money section ad on 10/23/17! Your sharp, intellect, wit was right on towards USA Today viewers and I thank you! My goal is to become a successful writer and one day Hollywood filmmaker! You have such a sincere, friendly, dedicated, optimistic approach on patience in which is rare in the world we live today and I’m learning to do daily as an author!  Thank you once again and the best is yet to come!

    JDANBook Author
  • Doug and MCA Russell Johns are both pretty FANTASTIC. They listen well and respond promptly and professionally. A huge thumbs up.

    Boulder Creek Lodge Montana
  • As a first time client of The National Enquirer, I would like to express my gratitude to Josh Padro for patiently listening to my advertising needs, and the impressive ad which he produced.  As the owner of several companies, I deal constantly with various newspapers who always attempt to maximize their revenues off your account, even if it is not warranted.  Josh on the other hand stated that he suggests that initially take it one step at a time to determine our target audience.  I will be a repeat client of The National Enquirer due to Josh's advertising expertise, as well as his personal attention he has displayed.

    Harry S. Bloch
  • Kim, Thank you for all the attention to our advertising needs over the past few years.  Whenever I have had an issue and needed it repaired, you could always find away to resolve it.  You also have the ability to understand our interests as a longtime advertiser in the USA Today marketplace and Sports Weekly.  You have also provided info. and ideas to us, that offer great opportunities.  Many of these have really worked out. This kind of service is greatly appreciated!!

    Jerry Rao
    Jerry RaoDirector of Marketing Secure Medical, Inc.
  • I would like to take a moment to comment on what a pleasure it is having Kim Ridgeway as our account rep. When we send our monthly ads in for JADA Kim is the epitome of professionalism while also making you feel like you are her most important customer. There are very few business relationships that we have with outside companies that we enjoy interacting with as much as we do with Kim.

    Heidi Hinchey
    Heidi HincheyNew England Practice Transitions
  • My customer experience with Kim Ridgeway, Senior Media Sales Associate with Russell Johns has been excellent.  She is a great listener, listening intently, asking questions, and demonstrating she cares and wants to provide the right advertising solutions.  She has proven to be very honest and transparent, resulting in my opinion that she truly cares about the customer’s happiness and satisfaction.  In one search, my department was required to change issue dates, and Kim and her team showed great flexibility and adaptability and promptly adjusted to new expectations.  On a more personal level, Kim conveys a friendly and caring demeanor while maintaining a high level of professionalism.  Finally, she has consistently responded to my communications promptly.  For all these reasons, we have been extremely satisfied working with Russell Johns!

    Lawrence J. Ellison
    Lawrence J. EllisonMary Raz, EdM, SPHR, SHRM - SCP | MSO – Academic Personnel, HR, and Operations Department of Family and Community Medicine
  • When asked if I would like to provide a gratis testimonial for Russell Johns and  U.S.A. Today publication, I welcomed the opportunity. My loyalty to Russell Johns, and U.S.A. Today publication is a direct result of my complete satisfaction and long time work relationship with Sr. Sales Repr. Kim Ridgeway. For me, Kim IS Russell Johns. She, like her associates, provide unsurpassed service and take the time to assist me, at my convenience with their advertising expertise and value recommendations. As a result, our advertising in U.S. Today has been nothing less than 'Blue Sky' success. In closing, I highly recommend Kim Ridgeway at Russell Johns and the U.S.A. Today publication...a perfect match!

    Chris Biehl
    Chris BiehlASA Corporation
  •  Kim--You are one impressive lady, let me tell you!  I'm amazed at how you keep track of wayward clients like me.  Thanks for prodding me. I'm going to see my geologist friend out west in a few weeks.  We'll be plotting our next move.  We've found some small concentrations of gold.  All depends on whether the price of old rises.I'll be in touch about any possibilities.  I hope you know that the ads I placed through you did bring a lot of response.    

    Ross Beatty
    Ross BeattyMexivada
  • Russell Johns’ advertising staff are always efficient, helpful, pleasant, and professional.

    Sharon Letchworth
    Sharon LetchworthDepartment of Family Medicine
  • Vista Community Clinic has worked with Russell Johns for several years now and it’s been a pleasure.  They are extremely helpful with creating and reviewing our ads and ensuring there is no gap in our advertising.  We appreciate the many suggestions they offer us for new ways to reach our candidate audience.

    Carol Camarda
    Carol CamardaSPHR
  • Kim Ridgeway has been our sales associate for several years.  Her experience in the field has been excellent .  Making sure our ads are posted on time and very quick response with any changes that need to be made.  I have enjoyed working with her over the years.  Highly recommend.

    Holly Ferraris
    Holly FerrarisUniversity of Tennessee Health Science Center Department of Family Medicine

COVID-19 Update

Here at MCA-Russell Johns, we’re committed to an evidence-led and common-sense approach to the coronavirus outbreak. Like all of you, we’re monitoring the impact of this closely. We wanted to reassure you that we have business continuity plans in place to make sure we can continue to provide high levels of service and support you expect from us.